Bedding the Boss

by Kameron Claire
Billionaire Derrick Grayson goes undercover to meet the gorgeous blonde at his brother's company. While he's convincing her to explore a relationship, he finds out the investor he’s courting is pitting him against the woman he wants for his future.As the only female executive with a program to grow, Jessica doesn’t have time for a relationship, but she can't say no to the stress relief the hot, insistent, and off-limits Derrick promises. She'll lose an hour of sleep for each orgasm he gives her, but it’s worth it as long as she can also win the $50M contract she's pursuing.But when Jessica finds out who Derrick really is, she questions her feelings and shuts him out as she attempts to repair the damage he causes her career. Can he convince her that business and love can co-exist?
Deal Available through November 13, 2021
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