Beautiful Game

by Lainey Davis
Everything comes at a cost. Is love worth the price?They say I've got it all. But half my identity is a mystery. When I’m traded to Pittsburgh’s pro soccer team, I know I need to solve the secret of my origins.I just need to stay focused on my game in the meantime.Easier said than done.I had to go and meet a woman who’s just not that into me, and I can’t get her out of my head.Lucy Nelson is so fierce. She’s raising her kid on her own and working hard to build a future…she’s got priorities and apparently they don’t include a cocky soccer player, no matter how charming I try to be.But I’m a midfielder. I’m used to playing offense and defense. I’m not afraid of Lucy’s baggage, especially with backup from a trio of brothers I didn’t know I had.
Deal Available through December 10, 2022
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