by Eve Rabi
Put the beast behind bars? Take away his liberty, his life, for good? It would be an absolute pleasure; I despised the SOB that much! But then, I made a cardinal mistake; I got to know him. A grave mistake, because my lessons turned out to be profound.I learned that he was broken, scarred, with jagged edges. I learned that I was broken, scarred, with jagged edges too. I learned that yes, we were from different worlds, but we were both damaged goods intent on hurting each other, intent on wounding those around us. A perfect fit, we were. Just perfect.But … all that I learned came too late. For me, for us, way too late. Because once I got to know him, my heart ... my soul ... my life - I would sacrifice all of me for my beast. How could this not be tragic?
Deal Available through November 30, 2020
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