Aspen: a Love Story

by T. K. Lucaith
Can the demons of our past ever be completely silenced? Or are we doomed to carry them into every one of our relationships?Devastated by the death of his wife, middle-aged businessman Marc Gray sells the development company they built together and moves his life to Aspen, Colorado. Leaving the business behind is easy; but the loss of his wife follows him as closely as a shadow.On his first night in Aspen, Marc meets Susan. A graphic artist working for a NYC advertisement firm, she’s waiting tables to help support herself and her teenage daughter when Marc walks into her restaurant.There’s something charming about the way Susan lives her life; ever on the edge financially, ever in search of her happy ending. Marc can’t help but find himself irresistibly drawn to her creative magnetism.But as they dance around the beginnings of a cautious relationship, Marc and Susan struggle with past hurt and loss; as feelings grow between them, so do questions. Questions with difficult answers.If they face the truth with honesty, could they finally yield to passion?A poignant novel that explores the life experiences that follow us into new scenarios and leave their indelible mark on our interactions with others.
Deal Available through March 06, 2021
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