An Honest Woman

by Leslea Tash
Jessica is the bad girl from Montana with a penchant for running away from home if things don't go her way. As her brother's wedding nears, Jessica grows stir-crazy yet again. This time, however, fleeing is more dangerous than she ever could have predicted. When her brother hires skilled tracker Sleeping Fox to find her and bring her home, her life is forever changed.Sleeping Fox is a man between worlds--half Blackfoot, with a white mother, with a chip on his shoulder as wide as the Montana sky. A quiet man, the one thing he is known for in the small town of Wedlock is his skill as a tracker. When the wealthy rancher hires him to find his missing sister, Sleeping Fox bargains for a share of his tribe's ancestral homeland--but ends up with much more in the end.Sweet romantic adventure
Deal Available through June 15, 2021
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