Alpha Agency Protectors : Complete 8 Book Collection

by Scarlett Winters
Do you love military romance books? Then you will love Alpha Agency. The complete collection of true standalone, Military romance books, all for a great price. Eight short story books and one link to download a bonus book for FREE. You will get: ** Mountain Man Guardian** (Bonus FREE book) Tyler: I like being a loner, after all the terrible things I’ve seen from my time as an Elite CIA agent it’s the only thing left for me. Then I hear her, she’s terrified but, beautiful, and courageous all at once. Something about her makes me want to protect her. Then hearing the terrible things she just witnessed and she has proof! I must help her, no matter what nothing is going to happen to her.**Counter Terrorism** (Book 2) He’s been my best friend forever, but who is he really? I’m not sure anymore.Colt: I live a secret life, my sweetest friend in the whole world doesn’t even know. I feel guilty keeping what I really am from her. For now that’s best, she would just worry about me. So I keep her thinking I’m care free and just jump from job to job for now. Truly, I’m one of the country’s finest. An Elite Navy Seal.**Outlaw** (Book 3) Two opposites undercover will risk it all for each other...Adam: I am a bad ass. A criminal. I don't need anyone, and I don't answer to anyone. Until the day I get picked up on the run, and my greatest fear is thrown in my face. Life behind bars. So, I take a deal; work for the enemy to earn my continued freedom. It's time for me to play a part and do what I do best. Only, there is someone in my way that is pulling my loyalty in every direction.**Ice Princess** (Book 4) Can they work together and create a cure? Blade: My worst fear hits the US, my team has found the Kraken Virus. It’s at a hospital in Phoenix, now I need to setup my team and help quarantine the threat. We need a cure and fast. Then I see her, the ice princess as they call her. They warned me about her before I came, but now all I want to do is break down her icy walls and make her mine.**Cowboy Bodyguard** (Book 5) This cowboy is tough, but can he beat a murderer? Jack: I’ve never gotten over the brutal death of my partner. He was a great man, every since I’ve looked for his killer with no luck. I’m taken back there when I get a call about a fire and a witness that saw everything. Could that be the same man that killed my partner all these years ago? Then I see Lizzie, she’s perfect, no one will hurt her you can bank on that.**Accidental Wedding** (Book 6) Two hearts both troubled by their own minds meet on a spontaneous vacation, when things take a dramatic turn.Shane: My commander told me to go on vacation or I’d be put in mandatory therapy. So vacation it is, being a Green Beret I live for the job. Maybe this could be fun, or maybe it will add to my PTSD. Then, I see her, she’s terribly out of place and nervous. Thankfully the only open seat in the bar is next to me.**Closely Guarded** (Book 7) ❤My big brothers best friend, a forbidden romance.❤Nick: I’m back from my Air Force training for a little while, it’s been 5 years and now I’m ready to take on the newest challenge of Medic and Doctor. Then I spot her. She’s gorgeous! Who is this mystery woman? I must find out, is she a new neighbor?**Witness Protection** (Book 8) My witness to protect and now mine to hold forever. Elise: I’ve been a prisoner to my evil step father since my mom ran out on us. Now he’s using me as trading stock in a drug deal gone wrong to fix his mistakes.**Legal Angel** (Book 9) ❤Derek was tragically widowed and has a tough time letting anyone in. But can he keep his feelings in check from the gorgeous attorney he needs to protect?❤
Deal Available through August 31, 2020
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