Alone With You: The Broken Trust Series #1

by C.N. Marie
HARLOW Escape was the only thought in my head. I had to get myself away from my brother Johnny and his best friend, Elijah Ingram. A chance to stand on my own two feet away from the crowd. Away from the jerk who loved to mess with my head. That is until my world shattered all around me and I had no choice but to return home back to my brother. Back to the man I called my nemesis...ELIJAH Best friends have two important rules that should never be broken; Bros always help each other out and little sisters are off limits. I lived by those rules, especially when it came to my best friend Johnny. Time changes people, so when I laid eyes on Harlow, his little sister, I knew I was in deep trouble. I did everything in my power to keep her at arms length, even if it meant she hated me.
Deal Available through June 26, 2021
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