All Things Wild

by J. P. Uvalle
West knows her body. Luther has her heart. But Thane…Thane owns her mind. Rayah Xavier has something in her very blood that makes her unique—so extraordinary that in a world ruled by the Shifter Elite, she still stands out as a prize the commander must have for his collection. With his enhanced army of soldiers hell-bent on destruction and death, he takes control of shifter minds across the globe with the synthetic serum that he also knows can make Rayah's powers limitless.  Now wounded and on the run from the commander and his army, Rayah seeks shelter at the only place she considers her sanctuary. The zoo. There she must regroup with her sexy new mates and find a way to save the shifters from the commander’s mind control, or the whole world will become his new playground...
Deal Available through September 06, 2021
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