All-stars: A Sports Romance (Balles & Curves Book 5)

by Summer Rose
Difficult choices. Will friendships turn to love or hate?As Gabby’s plagiarism scandal gets more serious, she enlists Derek and Joshua to help her.They are trying to get James to do the right thing… But will they succeed?Joshua, Derek, and Gabby are meeting every night to forge the plan that will set Gabby free.Gabby and Joshua grow closer as friends… and the sparks definitely start flying.At Gabby’s academic survey meeting, she’s confronted by all her professors. However, they decide to make the final judgment if Gabby gets her application in time… Once again, she must ask Joshua for help.Elsewhere, Joshua is slipping in practice. He’s spending too much time helping Gabby, and her father, coach Younglove, is starting to take notice.He asks prodding questions, but Joshua has promised Gabby secrecy...She doesn’t want to disturb anyone, because the Mammoths have a big game with the Cleveland Rockstars coming up.As they get ready for the game, the speculations arise over who will make the final All-Star seat.Is it going to be Joshua? Or a pitcher from the Cleveland Rockstars?The morning of the big game, a news story comes out that Joshua is involved with a college plagiarism scandal with the coach’s daughter.In damage control mode and shaken by the revelations, the Mammoths lose the game.Determined to make things right, Joshua buckles down in practice.They start winning more and more games… But will Joshua be selected for the All-Stars game?Will Gabby manage to clear her name and avoid being expelled?How will coach Younglove react to their budding romance?Will Joshua and Gabby find the time to explore their feelings in the midst of all the baseball madness?There’s only one way to find out!Grab the All-Stars, book 5 in the Ballers & Curves series, and get ready for a baseball romance of a lifetime!
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