A Vampire's Fate

by Rhiannon Futch
Everything I knew about my life was a lie, but the truth might get me killed. The minute he walks into the library, and I know he is trouble wrapped in a tall, dark package. A package that I can't seem to stay away from. But he wants things from me that I just can't give, like the heart I buried with my husband. My body yearns for him even while my brain screams run... Right up until someone starts trying to kill me. Now Devon may be the only one that can save me as the people that want me dead close in on me. How do I resist the man asking for nothing as he protects me with his life? Secrets and lies As everything that was hidden from me starts to be revealed, I am finding that nothing and no one in my life are as they seem. Including me. Is there anything in my life that isn't a lie?
Deal Available through July 17, 2023
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