A Teacher for Wolf Billionaire (Wild Wolf Shifter Academy Book 3)

by Lisa Daniels
I’ve transferred to a new academy.I’m a teaching assistant, working under the gaze of Benjamin Stonepaw – a werewolf with far too much money and time on his hands.I don’t even understand what he’s doing, teaching at this school. He has everything.He claims it interests him. Right before he orders me around like some common servant.He’s so infuriating, yet so intriguing at the same time. Makes me want to get to know him more.The chance comes when he needs a fake date for some werewolf ball in the near future. He doesn’t want to go with the nobility. He wants someone far removed from the politics and backstabbing.Guess who that means?Yep. Me.He wants me to be his plus one to the ball. And he’s prepared to pay a lot of money to drag me along.How can I possibly say no to that?
Deal Available through June 20, 2021
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