A Secret Shifter Lodge Christmas (Holiday Shifters of Frost Mountain)

by Lisa Daniels, Scarlett Stone
It’s those bloody diamonds. I wouldn’t have taken off if not for them. Or flown coach with a creepy stalker after me. When our plane crashed into the mountain… I knew I was really screwed.I should have died on this snowy mountain… Luckily, someone’s come my way. But this sexy hermit wants nothing to do with me. All he wants is to save his son, back in his secret lodge. Too bad I never take no for an answer.And it’s just as well… Because I’m not sure I can survive on this magical mountain alone. My stalker is still out there, and he’s coming for the diamonds. I need this steamy bear shifter, more than anything in the world. I need his help… And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to have him for Christmas.
Deal Available through December 08, 2023
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