A Principal for Wolf Rebel (Wild Wolf Shifter Academy Book 4)

by Lisa Dainels
I shouldn’t be attracted to him.He has a reputation for bad things. He’s a rebel, often in detention. He also has a dark family history.I know all of these things. But the man that turned up at my detentions is nothing like I thought he would be.For a start, he doesn’t strike me as someone on the verge of being expelled.He does the work I tell him to do, without question. Sure, he’s a little broody about it, but something in his manner makes me wonder. He’s not some wild, untamed werewolf.He intrigues me.Maybe he’s not the criminal other people think he is.Maybe he’s misunderstood, and not given a chance to be heard.And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be the one to hear him.
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