A Panther for Valentine's: A Holiday Date Romance (Holiday Shifters)

by Lisa Daniels
I never thought I’d find love.Don’t get me wrong, my parents are wonderful. But there was a part of me that wished to have the same love as them. To find someone who’d love me as much as my father did my mother.My parents are shifters. I am not.Wanting to know more about my heritage, I sought a shifter to speak to.Someone who might be able to explain the mystery of the world.He came in the form of a man called Arven. A powerful panther shifter, with an old clan.Someone who knew secrets. Someone who I might grow to love, should the cards fall right on Valentine’s Day…Trouble is, he might be hiding something from me. Something dark and secret.And the only way to know, is to risk everything with him.
Deal Available through January 10, 2023
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