A Leap of Faith: An Autumn Harbor Romance

by Heather Corbett
Claire Monroe is a single mom who loves her job at the Autumn Harbor library. She can't deny that she's had a crush on her boss James for quite some time now. He's handsome, smart, and is great with her 6-year-old son Michael who loves the children's reading group James organizes every week. She's always admired him from a distance, but when James starts to get too close to her little family, Claire gets scared. She's already had to rebuild her life once because of a man. Can she and Michael survive another heartbreak if James isn't all in?After James Weston lost his wife Anna to cancer 5 years ago he vowed that he would never let himself feel that kind of pain again. Sure, he's dated other women since then, but never the kind of women who could hurt him. Never the kind of women he would miss if they went away.But then he met Claire Monroe and everything changed. She ignites a spark in his life that has been missing for a very long time. He keeps his feelings for Claire hidden. That is until her son invites James to have a spaghetti dinner with them one night after reading group. James surprises himself and Claire when he agrees.
Deal Available through October 24, 2022
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