A Forbidden Fated Mates Romance

by Vera Rivers
My father is forcing me to mate a male whose cruelty is masked by a facade of charm. So, I’m running from a destiny I never chose.Fate throws me into the path of Gabe, the alpha of the Steel River pack, who is battling his own demons and the ticking clock to find a mate.Gabe is nothing like what the rumors make him out to be. He makes my body and mind come alive in ways I never dreamed possible.But what we have is temporary…He knows it. I know it.Finally, my former pack learns where I’ve been hiding. I won’t go back to that life. But my ex-fiancé and my father aren’t willing to let me go.My world comes crashing down around me. Now, I must fight, not just for my freedom, but for a future I choose, challenging everything and everyone that stands in my way.
Deal Available through April 11, 2024
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