A Dragon for Thanksgiving: An Alpha Fighter Holiday Romance (Holiday Shifters)

by Lisa Daniels
My fortune’s been down, lately. Right until I met the dragon shifter. My family’s not well off. They’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but a lot of bad luck fell on them. They try their best though, and I want to help them. For me, that means risking it all. Going into the fight pits. A forbidden place of supernaturals, feral fighters, and people like me betting on the outcomes. A place normally off limits to humans. One person catches my eye. One name among the others. An alpha fighter with a cursed form, with a craving to win fights. A man with a heart of gold lurking under that toughness. A man, who, of course, my parents would love to have over for Thanksgiving.
Deal Available through November 05, 2022
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