A Deal with a Devilish Duke

by Tessa Brookman
Lady Meredith is a shy bluestocking. All she wishes is to experience the scandalous joys penned in her romantic novels and perhaps even someday find her own ‘storybook’ lover. But when her father announces she is to marry the notorious Duke Ethan, her hope-filled future crumbles right before her eyes…Duke Ethan, known for his reputation as a notorious rake and gambler, finds his wealth dwindling. His solution? A brief, advantageous marriage to the subservient Lady Meredith, whose nature to never refuse plays right into his two-week marriage scheme, after which they’ll part ways…Upon discovering Ethan’s intentions with her, Meredith is furious. But in her hopeless situation, she sees an opportunity. If her marriage is to only last a mere 14 days, she will make the best use of it by ful
Deal Available through June 07, 2023
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