A Dangerous Game

by Ashley Ford
Ivy: There are a lot of reasons to avoid the men from the office next door. Especially their leader Maddox, who drives me crazy with his childish games and teasing antics. It’s a shame he is so damn attractive because he has ‘emotionally unavailable’ written all over him. I would be stupid to fall in love with him. But when he protects me from a sadistic maniac, I realize I have no choice, my heart is already on the line. Maddox: I’m on the hunt for a killer and can’t really afford any distractions, especially ones as tempting as Ivy Tennyson. Still, I can’t resist her fiery spirit or her luscious curves. It's a dangerous game, but I find myself playing it anyway just to get closer to her. When the crook I’m after comes after her, I will do anything to protect the woman who owns my soul.
Deal Available through September 09, 2021
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