A Blizzard Plane Crash Thanksgiving (Holiday Shifters of Frost Mountain)

by Lisa Daniels, Scarlett Stone
I didn’t want to go home for Thanksgiving. And I guess my wish got granted. I just wasn’t expecting our plane to explode.Crashing into Frost Mountain was bad enough… But now I’m a wanted woman. And every second I spend on this mountain… is a moment closer to death. These people…they don’t like witches.Except for him, of course. That steamy alpha wolf shifter. Being rescued by him in the snow was one thing. But now he’s made himself my protector. And there’s nothing I can say or do about it.Nothing I can do except worry… Because protecting me means putting his village in danger. I’m just fanning the flames between him… and the man who wants me dead.This alpha is fanning the flames of my desire. And no amount of cold or snow will put out the fire.
Deal Available through November 22, 2023
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