A Billion Scandals Boxset: A Contemporary Romance Collection

by L.A. Pepper
A Billion Scandals BoxsetGet ready for one delicious ride in this Kindle-melting Boxset! If you love your billionaire alpha men protective and smoking hot, this boxset is sure to please!Billionaire Baby Secret- Book #1“Your mom was right about you, you’re a troublemaker.” I’ll never forget those teasing wordsHe was forbidden fruit, a completely off-limits temptation I knew could destroy me. Not only was he my dad's best friend, He’s the father to my very secret babyBest Friend’s Sister-Book #2He’s a player. He has a different girl every weekend. He’s famous for it.” Those words from my brother about his best friend should have sent me running. Instead, I gave him my v-card..Duke Esposito is every definition of a bad idea. He was like none of the boys I’d ever met before—wild and free.But as expected, I ended up with a broken heart, And if that humiliation wasn’t enough, Cut to a few years later and the bastard didn’t even remember who I was.Should I give him another chance? Or will Duke break my heart again….Best Friend’s Baby-Book #3I’ve harboured a secret crush on him for half my life, But everyone knows friends with benefits never work out…..This baby inside me isn’t the only secret I’m carrying, Before I walk away forever, Before I break my own heart… I have to tell him what I’ve been hiding.Even if it means he hates me. Even if I have to raise our son alone.Billion Dollar Enemy-Book #4Falling for my best friend's brother sounds about as enjoyable as sitting on a cactus. Don't get me wrong, he's delicious to look at, but the whole spoiled AF golden boy act he has going on...No thanks. If I'm not gritting my teeth trying not to tell him off, I'm clenching my fist talking myself out of assault and battery. He never misses a chance to run that mouth. Until his perfect billionaire life comes to a screeching halt, and he needs a favour from ME.. This emotionally deep story of fate, true love and what happens when two polar opposites can't keep their hands and hearts away from each other! No cheating or cliffhangers, and of course, a HEA!Fake Fiance Arrangement-Book #5The last thing I need is a big fancy wedding, a wife, and a baby. I’m not one to get tied down to a ball and chain. That’s like bringing a sandwich to the buffet...hard pass...The only thing that can save my political career, from this scandal, is the only thing I don’t want. Until she’s taken and gone... Now, I will do anything to get her back, feel her soft creamy skin on mine, protect her and make her mine for keeps.If you love fake relationships, and an opposites-attract romance, then grab this kindle page-turning standalone today! When a spoiled billionaire bad boy falls in love, he falls hard. Watch the player get played! No cliff hangers, no cheating, and of course a HEA!Best Friend’s Brother-Book #6 My brother had warned me about David. He’d told me to stay away from him.But the rebel in me didn’t listen. A bad boy, who’s also my brother’s best friend is the worst idea in the world.So of course, I paid the consequences with a shattered heart…There was another thing he wasn’t supposed to do. Get me pregnant. Should I give him another chance to leave his past behind and step up to be the man we need him to be?If you love your alpha males hot and protective,l this kindle melting standalone is for you! Mystery, scandals, secrets and true love, all bundled up for an epic HEA, and of course no cheating or cliffhangers!
Deal Available through August 01, 2021
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