A Bear Grump Christmas (Holiday Shifters of Frost Mountain)

by Lisa Daniels, Scarlett Stone
Getting on that flight was a huge mistake. Maybe we should’ve waited until Christmas before going on a vacation. At least then we might’ve made it to Chicago. Yeah, we. That’s me and my ex-boyfriend, who are now stranded on Frost Mountain. I lost him after our plane crashed. And, yeah, there is something worse…There’s no way off this snowy mountain—I’m stuck here. Forever. That’s what the smoldering bear shifter who rescued me said. This grumpy man wanted me to pretend to be engaged with him for a night. I can barely stand him, but I could use some warmth and shelter. Too bad we’re snowed in.If I don’t get out of this cabin soon, I’m going to lose my mind this Christmas.Or, worse, give in to this temptation.
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