A Bear for Valentine's: A Fated Billionaire Romance (Holiday Shifters)

by Lisa Daniels and Scarlett Stone
I’m not the average billionaire. Heck, I’m not even human.I’m a bear shifter, the last living member of my clan…and I don’t plan to find a mate.At least, I didn’t, until I met her.She’s beautiful and smells like hibiscuses…and she’s a human.Being with Kris is dangerous. If she learns the truth about me or other supernaturals like my fae friend, she could expose our secret and put us all in danger.But our connection feels…fated.Besides, there are bigger problems to worry about.Like the werewolf clan that murdered my family. Jacob Moonfang has come for me, and he will do everything in his power to get to me.Even if means going after Kris.
Deal Available through January 18, 2022
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