202 Cherry Popper Way

by Penelope Wylde
As a Cherry Falls Fire Chief, I'm paid to stay in control and protect the people around me. Until Bela I've never had an issue. But her beauty and inner light is as soul-gripping as our small town and I fantasize about her sweet body round with my baby and her wearing my ring. When she starts using words like forever and family I falter. And that concrete control I'm known for cracks wide open. I started out with good intentions, but now that I've had a taste of those forbidden lips and those tempting curves, there will be no going back. I'm addicted and I’m going to devour her one lick at a time.Author’s naughty Note: He’s gorgeously dark and broody while she walks in the sunlight. On 202 Cherry Popper Way the Cherry Falls’ new baker sets out to win over the heart of the beast.
Deal Available through June 10, 2021
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