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Warrior’s Embrace by Michele Mills

Warrior's Embrace by Michele Mills

Trish is working to teach herself that emotion called love. She wants to return her husbands' affection, but when she tries to reply, nothing comes out. Despite this set back, life mated to three sexy warriors is falling into place. Except that damn Illibrium keeps getting in the way. Will she have to lose everything to understand what love is?

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Category: Science Fiction

  • April 15, 2019

Kroga’s Bride by Michele Mills

Kroga's Bride by Michele Mills

One moment Melachine is crossing the street, and the next she’s crashing into the male of her dreams. He’s built like a warrior of old, with the most perfect lips imaginable. And he won’t let go. She stares up, up at him in awe, because she can see her unborn offspring in his harsh hazel eyes.

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Category: Science Fiction

  • February 16, 2019

Alien Warlord’s Miracle by Nancey Cummings

Alien Warlord's Miracle by Nancey Cummings

An alien warrior falls back in time. Under attack, Reven crashes through a collapsing wormhole. and arrives centuries too early. Surrounded by primitive humans, he must find a way home. A widow living alone discovers him and doesn’t faint at the sight of his fearsome horns. He wants more from her than just shelter. He wants everything.

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Category: Science Fiction

  • December 28, 2018

The Future Memoir of Ann Jones: A Time Travel Romance with a Splash of Magic by Alex Bailey

The Future Memoir of Ann Jones: A Time Travel Romance with a Splash of Magic by Alex Bailey

The future is a foreign country; they do things differently there. Ann Jones knows the difference between a daydream, a fantasy, and a vision. She’s a decent, middle-class mom with a respectable husband and two kids. And a 'wild imagination'. But what kind of decent woman imagines her husband dead, a relocation across the country, a new career, the perfect boyfriend, and most importantly, Knitting Club? Not just any old Knitting Club. This one has rules—not one of them concerns knitting. Ann listens to the club members’ stories, becomes entangled in their lives, obeys their rules, and keeps her suspicions to herself. Her independent existence is an awakening. Ann Jones has changed. So what happens when she wakes up? Steel Magnolias meets Stepford Wives. Moving, powerful, enchanting, and brimming with a glorious cast of characters; this is a joy.

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Category: Science Fiction

  • July 18, 2018

Alien’s Captive by Lisa Lace

Alien's Captive by Lisa Lace

I know what I want from an Earth woman. Someone to have my babies. What I don't want is a wife. I’ve only spent a single evening with the fiery female, but suddenly a wife is what I need. She’ll scream. She’ll moan. She’ll writhe beneath me. I’ll bend her to my will. I’ll show her the pleasure of submission. I’ll make Perri my queen.

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Category: Science Fiction

  • July 6, 2018

The Boyfriend App by Mon D Rea

The Boyfriend App by Mon D Rea

Weeks before Valentine’s, seventeen-year-old Kate Lapuz goes through her first ever breakup, but soon she stumbles upon a mysterious new app called My Dream Boyfriend, an AI chatbot that has the ability to understand human feelings. Casually, she participates in the app’s trial run but finds herself immersed in the empathic conversations with her customizable virtual boyfriend, Ecto. In a society both connected and alienated by technology, Kate suspects an actual secret admirer is behind Ecto. Could it be the work of the techie student council president Dion or has Kate really found her soulmate in bits of computer code? She decides to get to the bottom of the cutting-edge app. Her search for Ecto’s real identity leads Kate to prom, where absolute knowledge comes with a very steep price.

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Category: Science Fiction

  • June 16, 2018