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Jezebel Jones by Janice Ross

Jezebel Jones by Janice Ross

***$0.99 for a limited time*** Jezebel Jones: An Intro Love Triangle She thought she was destined to a life devoid of love. He has always loved her. A new man hopes to win her heart. Life for Jezebel Jones has been filled with ebbs and flows, but through it all, Jason Marks has been by her side. His steadfast loyalty provided comfort and security, but failed to fill a void in her heart. Now, she fears she's doomed to a life without true love and wonders if it'd be better to settle for the man whose devotion never faltered. Before they can settle into their changing roles, a new man emerges to change everything yet again. Aidan Broder stirs up emotions Jezebel could only dream of having. Her mind, body and soul come alive in his presence, but now there's a problem she never thought she'd have: making the choice between two men. One has always loved her and the other wants to love her. Which man will she choose?

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  • April 26, 2017
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