Wild Hearts: The man from the sea… (Mermaids of Cornwall Romance Series Book 1) by Amaya Hart – Crave Romance

Wild Hearts: The man from the sea… (Mermaids of Cornwall Romance Series Book 1) by Amaya Hart

Wild Hearts: The man from the sea... (Mermaids of Cornwall Romance Series Book 1) by Amaya Hart

One morning, Rosie wakes up from a dream. And Olivia is petrified. The last time Rosie had a dream like that, their parents had died. When Rosie divulges the contents, the words, ‘something from the sea’, rings in Olivia’s head leaving her feeling more curious, and confused than before. Soon they receive a parcel from the sea. The unconscious body of a young man. Rosie discovers, while tending to him, that there is more to him than meets the eye. The interjection of this stranger in the sisters’ lives leads them down a road latent with discovery. Not only of their shocking identities. But also of love. How will the troika fare when they find themselves in a love triangle. This time, Rosie was unable to resist. She sat at his feet. And ran her eyes across the man’s shapely torso. She marveled at the build of his arms. Something pulsed inside her again. She felt it, it was uncontrollable. Could it be desire? Apprehension? Anxiety? Fear? Suddenly, Rosie felt something warm in her palm. She looked down. She had the stranger’s palm in her hand. Her heartbeat peaked. Her thumb moved, caressing the back of his hand. It was smooth. She raised, very gently, the stranger’s hand. And then she saw it. A thread of wisp, growing from nothingness, snaking round his wrist, until it met its tail. Then the wisp dissipated, revealing a shiny bracelet. Rosie felt it. It was cold. Silver. She turned his wrist over, and saw that the bracelet had coiled itself into squiggles. Her brows creased. 'Wait a minute', she thought, 'Those aren’t squiggles. They’re letters.' She traced the letters with her mind’s eye until the word stood out, meaningfully. 'Ervin.', she said aloud. 'Hello.' A deep voice answered.

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  • June 27, 2020