KERENSA’S DRAGON (Dragons of Telera Book 3) by Lisa Daniels – Crave Romance

KERENSA’S DRAGON (Dragons of Telera Book 3) by Lisa Daniels

KERENSA'S DRAGON (Dragons of Telera Book 3) by Lisa Daniels

She is curious as to what life is like outside of a gilded cage. Is the dashing foreigner an asset or a liability? Growing up in a wealthy, noble family was not the kind of life that ever suited Kerensa. Dressed as a young man, she now has the chance to find out what she is capable of intellectually without the restrictions of her gender and class. Then she meets Heath. He is a dashing, handsome young man from the wealth and insular country known only as Vetitum. Her nation, Volsci, suffered a smashing defeat against them over 100 years ago, and ever since it has been all but forbidden to discuss the place. Now she has the opportunity to learn about not only an exotic, frozen land, but to find out about the war. Heath is not only obliging, he helps her learn how to act more mannish so that her disguise is not ruined. The question is, what does he want? She already knows that no noble man offers help without expecting something in return.

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  • June 23, 2020