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Guardians of Lunar Wasteland: Short Story Box Set by Dalia Wright

Guardians of Lunar Wasteland: Short Story Box Set by Dalia Wright

In the Lunar Wastes, there is a mystery waiting to be solved. A deadly enemy that seems to originate from the cold plains. A guardian race that routinely sacrifices all to stop the Shadows from swarming and destroying everything they touch. And a small group of hero wolves and witches, who seek to solve the mysteries, and end the threat once and for all… boosted by intense passion and new love. Kain’s Rescue: Alyssa Malgrave is searching for her brother. He’s been missing for four years, and she’s been trying to pick up his trail – which leads to the Lunar Wastes. She’s not a bad fighter, but she’s ill equipped to handle the wastelands. When betrayed and left for dead, she’s rescued and taken into a strange tribe of people… people who can shapeshift into wolves. Lnther’s Rescue: Raine Lancer is a witch. An enchantment witch with a big secret. The secret itself means she’s unlikely to ever leave the inn she runs – but the werewolves of Lunehill are searching for witches, and know of her existence here. However, the powerful enchantments Raine can make, paints a target on her head. One that results in trouble coming to her inn… Vrin’s Rescue: Yarrow of the Dreadwood clan is a lightning witch. She’s part of the tentative call to arms from the werewolves of Lunehill, under the leadership of Erlandur Malgrave, a strange knight encased in Shadow armor. She’s watched over by a Lunehill werewolf, Vrin, and all the gathered werewolves and witches set out to travel to the Fractured Spine clan’s abode. Though she’s a proud and strong Dreadwood witch, there are some fights that may be too much for her to handle… Erlandur’s Rescue: Faith of Ghost Lake has never been beaten in battle. She fights with swords, and bears the uncanny gift of a combat witch – someone who fights with intuition on their side, always knowing when to dodge and when to strike. When she joins Erlandur Malgrave’s scouting party over the mountains, to encounter the mysterious Fractured City, origin place of the Shadows for the first time – something goes terribly wrong. Though she does everything she can to save herself and Erlandur, the mountains are an unforgiving place to survive in… Nox’s Rescue: Echo is a Shadow of the underbelly who has full access to her humanity. She doesn’t know how or why, but unless she casts her magic often, she’s prone to losing it. Her ability to split her soul in two, to create her Shadow self known as Monster, is a versatile and useful weapon. When travelling back from the Fractured City maket one day, she encounters a surviving member of Erlandur’s scouting expedition, Nox. She takes him back to base to heal, but there’s still more members to find… and a deadly secret to uncover. Loras’s Rescue: Kell of Crescent Island is a telekinetic witch, with a small dash of insight. She’s also part of a isolated, solemn tribe across a frozen sea, who guard ancient history. They pass that history to anyone who may visit, and tend to the graves of their many dead ancestors. She waits for Erlandur to return once more, and her life changes forever when he arrives, along with a small band of werewolves and witches… along with a Shadow as their ally. Their purpose for being here is beyond anything she could ever imagine… Malek’s Rescue: Geraline of Ghost Lake is a talented fire mage. She’s also placed in defense to guard the tunnels beyond the Fractured City – tunnels that house many Shadows, which could threaten to destroy all their hard efforts, if they flank the army gathered to fight the enemy in the Fractured City. No one knows if they’ll make it out the war alive.

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  • June 21, 2020