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Flawed by Lym Cruz

Flawed by Lym Cruz

Flawed… I am. Cracks… I have and they run deep. But I refuse to accept that I’m damaged. Six years ago, I turned my life around; moved to a new country, and started fresh leaving behind the demons and shame that once haunted me. Forgetting the worst moment of my life is impossible but when there are no constant reminders then it is easy to pretend it never happened. But then a man, Andrew Malcolm, surfaced out of the ashes stumbled into my life and shook all those memories from where they’d been stowed. In an instant, I was bleeding through my cracks. Even though Andrew’s presence rocked the structure I built around myself, I wasn’t about to let it crumble. He could hunt me to the ends of the earth, but I vowed to always be the best he never had.

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Category: Contemporary

  • June 19, 2020