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Knocked Up by the CEO by Annie J. Rose

Knocked Up by the CEO by Annie J. Rose

One scorching night I’ll never forget. One life-changing secret I have to keep. The big deal I need to land. All roads lead back to him. My dad needed the deal with Duncan’s company. But dad got sick, and I took over, ready to seal it. Face to face with Duncan in a boardroom, We fought the attraction as long as we could. One hot night we gave in. We blew the deal all to hell. I had to leave Chicago. I didn’t look back. Five years later, I need his help. A deal with his company will save my father’s legacy. If can pull this off and keep my feelings out of it. Forget the history… our short but sweet past… Duncan and I can work together, start over as friends and colleagues. But the sparks are still there, flashing ever so brightly. We fit together. It’s so easy but so hard, and feels so right but so wrong. Everything seems so perfectly imperfect. Until he learns about the secret I’ve kept. My shy little girl with Duncan’s eyes.

Deal available through May 10(Price may have changed)

Category: Contemporary

  • May 10, 2020