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A Rose For Me by Sage Alexander

A Rose For Me by Sage Alexander

It's Valentine's Day... ...but Ava is getting no love. Not in business or in life. Sales suck at her flower shop on this supposed day of romance. Even worse, she has no one to spend it with. Maybe today was made up by greeting card companies. But then he enters. A tall, handsome man she's never met. The sight of him makes her feel both hot and nervous. No one has ever done that to her. She wonders who's the lucky person he's buying flowers for? A girlfriend? A wife? Ava may be naive when it comes to men, but she feels her body ache for his touch. A kiss from his sweet lips. An embrace in his powerful arms. The feel of his warm body pressed against hers. Is he taken? Does she dare ask? A slow and boring business day suddenly became a whole lot more interesting. You'll adore this tale of sweet, first-time romance, because everyone enjoys finding unexpected love. Get it now.

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Category: Holidays

  • April 16, 2020