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Just Be My Love by Valentina Turner

Just Be My Love by Valentina Turner

Sometimes, Love Finds You Even If You Resist! Sandy has a thing against men. After all, she grew up with an abusive father and hasn't met a loving, caring man ever since. Her career is just as lackluster as her love life: she studied art but circumstances force her to work at her aunt's diner. But Seth says he’s madly in love with her and ready to pursue her until she becomes his... even if she resists. Does Seth really love her or does he just want a one-night stand with the cute waitress? Will Sandy fall in love with the handsome stranger or will she just reject him as a creep? Will she successfully resist her growing passion... or will she succumb? Read this book to discover what happened to Sandy and Seth! Just Be My Love by Valentina Turner is a holiday romance that will touch your heart even if you're a hardcore cynic. Here's what makes this book special: A fast-paced story so you won't be bored for a second Intense but realistic emotions that you'll easily relate to Charming characters that you'll absolutely love Carefully written, engaging dialogue A sudden plot twist at the every end If you're looking for a short read and a touching romantic story, Just Be My Love is the book you need right now. And when you've finished reading, you'll definitely long for a sequel! Will Sandy and Seth live happily ever after?

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  • April 4, 2020