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Love Again by Sylvester Murray

Love Again by Sylvester Murray

Eight years after the death of his loving wife and mother of his child, Thomas has realised that all his wants have been filled except for the love of a woman. Desperate for another connection, and for his daughter to feel the love and acceptance only a mother could provide, he makes the perilous journey back onto the dating scene. But this world is nothing like he remembers, behind the beautiful dresses and kind words lie wolves in sheep’s clothing. As he works his way through the lies and double-talk, he tries to remain true to himself and his wife’s memory. Maybe the love he seeks isn’t in the ultra-affluent world that he is not a part of, but in the soft-spoken Maribel. A single-mother with an iron will who shuns the social traditions that plague her, she can offer him the happiness that he craves. Two lovers, worlds apart but compatible in every other way.

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Category: African American

  • April 3, 2020