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Teasing boss, Under her skin by Cara Hunt

Teasing boss, Under her skin by Cara Hunt

Multimillionaire Cameron Swank was at a point in his career when he knew he needed to hire an Assistant. His software company had skyrocketed and sales were coming in faster than what he could manage. Upon entering Cameron’s office Janelle exhibited a high amount of confidence and poise. From the way, she's dressed, and how she flawlessly answered his questions he found himself being captivated by her every word. As the interview ended, he found himself quickly buzzing his Secretary to stop Janelle and have her return so he could offer her the job. Janelle was not afraid of hard work and she excelled at every duty that Cameron assigned. It was clear that both found each other irresistible. The chemistry that was built around their work relationship threatened to bring pleasure into the office environment. Will they cross the lines and explore a taboo world where both will risk their heart and career? Or will they keep their feelings hidden and their hearts song unanswered?

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Category: Contemporary

  • April 2, 2020