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Until The Stars Don’t Shine by Joanne Ho

Until The Stars Don't Shine by Joanne Ho

When an ex-marine and his highly trained dog are hired to protect the daughter of a Hollywood couple, love was the furthest thing from their minds. But when it becomes clear that she is in danger, how far will he go to save her? Perfect for fans of Nora Roberts, heartwarming romantic suspense, and dog lovers everywhere! Kane Turner is a simple man who cares nothing for riches. Scarred from his tours as a marine, Kane only about his bike, beer and dog Bud. Lexi Rockefeller has it all. The daughter of Hollywood royalty, she’s rich, and one of the most stunning women in the world yet Lexi is lonely. Following a series of threats, Kane is hired to protect Lexi yet despite their world of differences they fall in love. In Kane (and Bud), Lexi has found an authentic soul who doesn’t care who her parents are or how wealthy she is, while Lexi is the one person who can heal Kane’s wounds. When Lexi is kidnapped, Kane only has a short time to save her. Can he find her before time runs out?

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Category: Contemporary

  • March 22, 2020