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Lawfully Covert by Jenna Brandt

Lawfully Covert by Jenna Brandt

Lady Josephine Bradley, the second daughter of the Duke of Rothenbury, loves her life as the center of the English nobility. But when her best friend is mysteriously killed, she finds herself recruited to be a lady spy due to her connections. She must quickly learn to navigate a world she never imagined, filled with secrets, lies, and a forbidden spymaster who fills her thoughts. Charles Gilbert expertly serves the Crown as London’s spymaster, so when he recruits Lady Josephine, he’s certain he can manage the young debutante. The problem is she’s determined to do whatever it takes to solve her friend’s murder, even if it derail his plans. Nothing seems to deter her, not even sinister threats, highway robbery, or kidnapping. Can Charles discover whose behind the mysterious deaths in London? Will Josephine accidentally tip off the murderer? And will she pick a spy over the proper match her father wants for her?

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Category: Historical

  • February 19, 2020