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Dianna by Josephine Blake

Dianna by Josephine Blake

In 1885, Miss Dianna Brittler has been cast aside by the Manhattan society. After years of refusing willing suitors and more than a handful of successful societal matches, she is mere steps away from spinsterhood. When Dianna stumbles across an advert in the personals begging for a wife to come to the Wyoming territory, a spark ignites within her. Could she possibly be considering a life out West as a Mail-Order Bride? Shiye is running from his past, and his past is only moments behind him. Injured when saving a white-skinned woman from certain death, he must find a way to fight his growing attraction to her. What is a high society woman doing in the Wyoming territory? Can Dianna help him escape the past he’s left behind? 'Josephine Blake has written a captivating romance you won't be able to put down.' — Bestselling Romance Author, Laura Landon

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Category: Historical

  • February 17, 2020