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Snowfall by Alexis Kincaid

Snowfall by Alexis Kincaid

Snowfall Summary Description “Amid the chill of a winter’s night, under the falling snow and the shifting trees, a babe was born, crying softly into her mother’s breast. She was healthy and pink-cheeked, with a thin dusting of white-blonde hair atop her little head. As her pale-faced mother drew her last breaths, she ran a shaking hand through that soft, downy hair and called the child “Drifa”. Spirited away at birth and raised in the long-abandoned Fortress Vysala, Lady Drifa never imagined life could be so complicated. When viking raiders raze Vysala to the ground and Drifa is taken prisoner by the handsome warrior chief, Halvar, she realizes that she might not be who she thinks she is and that some secrets are perhaps better left unsaid.”

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Category: Historical

  • February 13, 2020