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Bear’s Legacy by Juniper Hart

Bear's Legacy by Juniper Hart

Growing up in a broken home, I had two missions—to protect my sister and get the hell out of my father’s pack. I didn’t need my father, his money, or his Alpha bear legacy clouding over me and holding me back. I had almost forgotten about him, making it on my own as a solider and football player. If only he’d stayed alive, I might not have had to think about him again. Then again, if not for his untimely death, I never would have met Lucinda, the high-powered and stunningly beautiful lawyer who is trying to make me an offer I don’t want. However, I can’t resist her perfect lips, stunning eyes, and legs that go on for days… As much as I want her to go away, I know I must claim her as my own. Is fate conspiring against us as we strike a bargain that’s bound to end in heartbreak?

Deal available through Feb 07(Price may have changed)

Category: Fantasy

  • February 7, 2020