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Love Thy Neighbor by Fawn Fallon

Love Thy Neighbor by Fawn Fallon

Chloe’s just flirting—for now… Perfect career, perfect house, perfect husband… Chloe has it all. She and Magnus share everything, including a love for tennis, and she should be satisfied. But behind closed doors, things with Magnus are a bit stale. Chloe’s eyes are wandering, but she fears sharing her fantasies will make her husband turn away and shatter the wonderful life they’ve built together. Because she wants him to share her… It’s just a fantasy. It’s only pretend. But when Magnus catches her looking and tells her he wants to watch her play, a dream vacation lets her biggest fantasy come to life. He needs to watch… Fascinated with his wife’s pleasure, Magnus knows he could be more passionate and uninhibited. He never knew that sharing her with others would light a fire in their bed and make their love burn brighter than ever before. He’s sure he knows who Chloe will choose, so when she rejects his friend for someone more down-to-earth, Magnus wonders just what Chloe really wants. Nothing has ever been hotter than sharing his wife, but if they’re going to make their arrangement work he might need an attitude adjustment of his own. Love Thy Neighbor, a full length novel, features a wife who yearns to be shared and a husband who loves to watch. Read today for steamy scenes of sharing and voyeurism and be ready to fan yourself off when it gets too hot!

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  • February 6, 2020