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The Catacombs by Camille Alexander

The Catacombs by Camille Alexander

In the second instalment of the Obsessed Alpha Billionaire series, we are allowed entry into the world of the ultra-elite. A place, full of opulence and intrigue. The Catacombs is shrouded in mystery. Discretion is its cornerstone. When our billionaire purchases a young heiress in The Brokerage's auction, it would never occur to him this virgin is the adult child of two of his closest friends, throwing him into a journey of danger. Will our billionaire, already completely enamoured with her and she with him, be able to keep her safe? Entering these pages means you agree to become part of... The Catacombs. THE CATACOMBS is a short story romance with steam, suspense and danger.

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Category: Billionaire

  • January 31, 2020