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Oliver and Eleanor: Only one season for Love by Vasyl Malyi

Oliver and Eleanor: Only one season for Love by Vasyl Malyi

Oliver and Eleanor: Only One Season for Love is a novel whose idea came to the author’s mind when he was going to work one grey rainy day. On his way, he was listening to classical instrumental music. There was a moment when one melody finished and another one started. In the beginning, it seemed very simple and boring, just like the weather and his surroundings that day. But then, he clearly saw a picture of a lonely, homeless man on the verge of death, who was playing his unheard-of music for the last time in his life, expressing all the pain that he’s carried through his life, all within just a few seconds. At one point, when the pianist seemed to be finishing and that his life would end with the last note, the author wanted to change the track to something lighter, something that would cause depression and feeling how tragic life was like. But then all of a sudden, at the very end, a violin gently and harmoniously flows into the melody, changing not only the melody itself but everything around. The pianist, who had been sitting alone at the piano in a grey closed room where no sunlight could creep in, suddenly started to see the sun coming up, shining on him and wrapping him in its warm embrace. It was the violin that quietly and carefully broke into his nearly finished melody. It came and changed everything from the melody to the feelings the pianist was experiencing. The two melodies fused into one, as if it was one complete piece of music, although it hadn’t seemed so from the start. The grand piano had sounded so complete, yet the violin was able to join in harmoniously in the middle of the piece. That’s how the idea for Oliver was born. A story about a homeless man who decided to end his life through suicide, unable to bear his life on the streets any longer. After his failed suicide attempt, he went to get out from the rain, escaping unnoticed into an airport. There, he found the grand piano right in the middle of a large hall. He was playing it for the last time, when he met a wonderful, beautiful girl named Eleanor - who turned out to be blind. After hearing the melody about his life, she literally decided to help him and took him to Milan where she was to have a concert. As it turned out later, Eleanor was a talented and world-famous violin player touring the world. Oliver got a chance for a new life. However, he had a secret that he couldn’t reveal to Eleanor, who had just started to trust him. The secret would later come to the surface, telling a story that would explain how such a talented man ended up on the streets, leading such a wretched life.

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  • January 24, 2020