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Hopes and Brides by Joyce Alec

Hopes and Brides by Joyce Alec

A Collection of Sweet, Historical Romances to Make Your Heart Swoon. ************ Miss Ophelia Grey Must Fake a Courtship to Save a Man She Has Never Met. Miss Ophelia Grey is thoroughly relieved when Lord Marchmont decides their courtship should come to an end. However, she is utterly astonished when, within a few days, he is back at her side and begging for a second chance. Lord Peter Marchmont does not think that Miss Grey is the right match for him. Waking up to discover a note stating he must court Miss Grey otherwise his brother Edward will be ruined, Peter realizes he has no choice. Struggling to find answers, Peter eventually tells Miss Grey the truth and discovers that she might be the help he has been looking for. Together, Ophelia and Peter look for clues that will protect Edward and allow them to bring their courtship to a close. However, they soon begin to find that their hearts are changing and that perhaps, they might not wish for their courtship to come to an end after all.

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Category: Contemporary

  • January 11, 2020