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Cowboys & Bosses by Piper Sullivan

Cowboys & Bosses by Piper Sullivan

Cowboy's Fake Fiancée Mason Manning was the man of my dreams. I wanted him. Needed him from the time I knew what real need was. When he asked me to be his fiancée, I knew this would be my chance. I was a virgin who could finally be with the man of my dreams. But it was fake. I'll pretend he's mine until he walks away... Cowboy's Barmaid I was back home in Lucky Flats after a decade in the Army. But everything was different. Including Sierra. The little girl who used to chase me around was now a knockout. With bombshell curves and a tongue as dirty as any Ranger I knew. It was just supposed to be a Halloween party. Nothing more. But I couldn’t stay away. And now everything is falling apart. SEAL’d to the Cowboy After years with the SEALs, I’m finally free – to pursue a mission of my own. My best friend Jack was killed, and I discovered his emails from his old girlfriend, Gemma. We had all been friends, once upon a time. But Jack had got the girl. Those emails though…clearly, I never knew Gemma as well as I thought. Now I’m back in our small town to make Gemma’s wildest fantasies come through. His Takeover She thought she could resist me. Poppy is gorgeous, curvy and unique. But she’s no match for someone like me. Cutthroat businessman and alpha boss. I want her company. And I will have it, and her, by any means necessary. Sinful Takeover We're both after the same thing. Dominance. I’m on a mission to expand my empire. But she stands in my way. My best friend’s twin sister. A woman wholly unimpressed by me. And determined to beat me at what I do best. Not going to happen, I always win. But her fiery temper and sassy attitude leaves me enthralled. She’s not even aware of how beautiful she is. It just makes me want her more. But no matter how much I crave her gorgeous body, I must remember, she’s the enemy. Naughty Takeover She hates my guts. But I’d wanted her for too long to pass up all this time together. My brother’s wedding gave me the perfect excuse to get up close and personal with the sassy redhead. I worked my magic, charming her and playing her body like it was my favorite instrument. Except now I can’t walk away. I’m in too deep. And she wants nothing to do with me anymore. Too bad for her, I never give up.

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  • January 10, 2020