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Burgundy Gloves by Julia David

Burgundy Gloves by Julia David

In spring of 1880, temperamental Allison Kent finally finds a chance to soar into her dreams of adventure. But in one tragic moment, Allison's planned future comes to a halt when she is found at the bottom of a ravine, left for dead. Levi Graham is a strong independent backwoodsman, who stumbles upon the injured young woman. He quickly finds an uncomfortable challenge in taking on the role of a Good Samaritan. In addition to caring for this helpless, confusing woman, he encounters a robbery, a fire, visits from relatives, and the cabin’s previous owners, all disrupting his peaceful life of solitude and trapping. In Allison’s desire to be independent, she finds that these strange people carry a deep faith and connection, crumbling her defensiveness. Little by little her future is changing as she weighs the new possibilities. Her mother’s burgundy gloves bring comfort to her confusion and new strength to surrender... Will she return home to the unknown or accept the necessary offer of marriage?

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  • January 1, 2020