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Forbidden Protector by Natasha L. Black

Forbidden Protector by Natasha L. Black

I left my badge behind and tried to forget. When I took a job as bouncer at a biker club, I was just an ex-cop looking for a paycheck and a chance to beat up the drunks who start bar fights. I never thought I’d be caught in a gang war. Or that my boss’s little sister Connie would be so delicious, so hard to resist. She’s a tough single mom, a feisty little thing who can take care of herself. A rival gang makes a threat, and we all go on lock-down in the Twisted Souls compound while a gang war rages. It’s my job to keep her safe. Taking a bullet for her would be the easy part. Letting her anywhere near my broken heart is way more dangerous. From the first moment I tasted her lips, to our secret trysts inside the compound, where we could be caught at any second, I knew this wildcat of a woman had gotten to me. Our blazing hot affair grinds to a halt when the enemy kidnaps Connie’s little girl. I’ll do anything to save her, to bring her back home. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Connie. Even if it means telling her how I really feel... If I can save her daughter... If I live through the night.

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  • November 21, 2019