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The Awakening by Johannie Paradon

The Awakening by Johannie Paradon

Orphaned after the death of her parents, student, Marie Parker, seeks refuge in the world of Beaumont Memorial boarding School. Jerry, her best friend, is by her side as she is trying to momentarily forget about her troubles and lose herself in school life.
 But Marie’s struggles are far from over – the school is ruled with an iron fist, the evil Mrs. Douyon Ping-Pong and Henry, her evil spouse and Hall master. Haunted by her own past, Mrs. Ping-Pong will stop at nothing to make sure the students are never free. Beneath the merciless thumb of Mrs. Ping-Pong and Henry, Marie and Jerry soon find themselves on a self-imposed mission, awakened and ready to overthrow their tyrants and free the school. They uncover the truth about their principal and the dark secret she’s been using the paranormal students for. Keep looking, keep AWAKE, for you do not know when the appointed time is. Mark chapter 13 verse 33.

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Category: Fantasy

  • November 16, 2019