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Seasons by Kat Samuels

Seasons by Kat Samuels

Thirty years of pent-up longing and steamy dreams can lead to a wonderland of erotic explorations. 1967: At a hippie shindig at the height of the Summer of Love, May and Ethan discover that one person they’d always been hoping to find. The stars seem to have aligned to bring them to the start of a whole new life together--until a police raid separates them, leaving them alone and forlorn. 1997: Now in her early 50s, May is a widow and grandmother, but she’s never forgotten about that one night of passion and the man she left behind. For Ethan, now divorced with a grown son, he’s never quite moved past the woman he met for that one brief moment. Two lonely strangers meet on a park bench, each convinced the past is just a dream. Now, they must find a way to heal themselves and rediscover the love and enduring passion fate once took away.

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Category: Historical

  • November 11, 2019