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Goal (Completion Book 6) by Holly S. Roberts

Goal (Completion Book 6) by Holly S. Roberts

Quarterback Aiden Patrickson has a goal to win even though he plays for the worst team in pro football. When management pulls a stunt to put his team in a good light they go too far. No women in the locker room is Aiden’s motto. Raised by a strong mother and two demanding sisters, the NO WOMEN zone is his sanctuary. Jordan Givens has a goal too and she’ll do just about anything to achieve it. She has no problem breaking the NO WOMEN ALLOWED taboo of pro football or dealing with the bullheaded men who stand in her way. Everything goes as planned until they meet. Now all bets are off and there might be more going on in the locker room than sweaty musclebound men and muddy cleats. Goal contains mature content and more balls than a girl knows what to do with. Previously published as Like a Girl (only the title changed).

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  • September 28, 2019